DJ Helix’s Greatest Hits compilation and Night Slugs’ 10th anniversary celebrations go hand in hand


Atlanta-based DJ Helix is set to finally return with his Greatest Hits compilation, a three-volume serving of some of his most powerful club tracks to date on acclaimed London label Night Slugs. The long-awaited releases serve as the young producer’s club dissertation, showcasing the vast range of voices he’s been developing throughout his career. Fusing modern sci-fi sonics with classic time-tested dance music archetypes, this body of work will provide a thorough look into the mind of one of America’s most exciting artists operating today.
Volume 1 of the compilation is set for a Febraury 16th release, while Volumes 2 and 3 will drop on March 2nd and April 27th.

Listen to two tasters from this colossal project, ‘Disko Chop’ and ‘Fbm Flip’ below.

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