DJ Harvey will release a new album as ‘Wildest Dreams’

Grizzled psych/disco guy announces an album with a teaser video and a belting track.


Words by: Anthony Walker

One week a couple of years ago, veteran dance musician DJ Harvey recorded an album – which has been recently unearthed and is set to be released by the Norwegian independent label Smalltown Supersound.

It's said to be inspired by the sprawling LA landscape and acid trips, which – to be fair – does come through in the first track from the album shared with the world. Stream Last Ride here and watch the strange, and NSFW, teaser video soundtracked by the song above. 


01. Rollerskates
02. Boosh
03. Last Ride
04. 405
05. Pleasure Swell
06. Gypsy Eyes
07. Yes We Can Can
08. She Loves Me Not
09. Off The Lip
10. Scorpion Bay

Smalltown Supersound release 'Wildest Dreams' on 29th July 2014 (pre-order).

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