Disclosure – White Noise (feat. AlunaGeorge)

Here's a bouncy collaboration from two of pop's bright new stars.


Words by: Aimee Cliff

After making one of our favourite songs of last year and being named as ones to watch in 2013 by nearly everyone, Disclosure and AlunaGeorge respectively have been taking everything in their proverbial stride, and in new collaboration White Noise the lot of them sound fully assured with their own sound.

The house-inflected pop beats of Disclosure are matched to perfection by Aluna’s soft and English-accented vocal, both are of which are tropes that we’ve heard so much right now that they’d become boring on anyone else (even the refrain, “lately I’ve been thinking, if you wanna get tough, then let’s play rough” brings to mind terrible 80s/90s musings on toughness/roughness). But, as ever, Aluna’s words are thoughtful and piercingly delivered (“you’ve got me washed out, colour-drained”), while the production is, plainly, too much fun to dislike. These two are rightly shaping up to be some of pop’s biggest names in 2013; stream their work below.

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