Death Grips reveal upcoming album cover

The Sacramento psycho rappers give us sado-masochism in pictures and another step toward total breakdown.


Words by: Charlie Jones

If you ever wondered how much the human brain can take, Death Grips will put it to the test. After dropping their explosive mixtape ‘Ex Military’ independently last year, they proved themselves the ultimate distillation of merciless punk agression with unapologetic hip hop swagger, all run through a shattering gamut of hyper-production.

Possibly one of the most exciting, terrifying and overwhelming personifications of modern living, their debut album ‘The Money Store’ promises more brain-rattling doomsaying for the unhinged and their cover art brings us closer to that end. The unsettling imagery of a hairy androgyne dominatrix, plus a self-harming gimp that is pretty much how you’ll be feeling following two albums from Death Grips for 2012. The first instalment is is out out on Columbia in UK and Epic everywhere else on April 25th. They explained the coverart, originally by illustrator Sua Yoo, in a statement:

On the cover you have an androgynous masochist on the leash of a feminist sadist who’s smoking. The sadist has carved Death Grips into her bitch’s chest. There is an overly confident quality to the woman smoking and a calmness to the androgynous masochist … We consider ourselves feminists, we fiercely support homosexuality, transparent world leadership, and the idea of embracing yourself as an individual in any shape or form. Acceleration is a mantra, we’re not a political band, we are freaks and outsiders. It was important to project that message and energy through the artwork of this album. This is free thinking and eternally open-ended music… [The cover] is like an ambassador to the sound.

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