Stream two new songs from Dean Blunt featuring Joanne Robertson

The enigma announces his split from label Hippos In Tanks with two new songs.


A few rainy nights ago, Dean Blunt shared two new songs, named DEF Freestyle and 50 Cent, on his Soundcloud, both featuring Joanne Robertson, a London poet who has previously collaborated with Blunt on last year's album 'The Redeemer', and who seems to have since become a fairly regular working partner, with Blunt producing a great recent song by her named X. On DEF Freestyle, Blunt seems to acknowledge this new relationship lyrically, singing (well, half-rapping) "you're not a re-run / not just another one / you're a new friend / we just began."

The songs were sent our way by Hype Williams mastermind Denna Frances Glass in an email bearing the rather cryptic subject line "There will be no mo future Dean Blunt projects released with the label Hippos in Tanks", and the even more direct body message, "Please update information / knowledge." Who knows what this will mean for Blunt from now on, but there's a chance that you'll hear more from his own label, World Music.

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