Dean Blunt – HENNESSEY

Louche lounge jazz from the Hype Williams man.


The latest track to emerge from the cplnd Soundcloud account, once the go-to source for the latest Dean Blunt and/or Inga Copeland material, is Hennessey, a new track from Blunt. Hennessey is another new turn in a endless stream of perpetual new turns, seeing Blunt sing over a smoky breakbeat with a louche lounge jazz ambience. It's all wonderful stuff – just wait for that sax to come in.

For those wondering, Blunt appears to be the sole proprieter of the cplnd account now – Inga Copeland now has her own copeland Youtube channel for uploads, having recently shared the ethereal, incredible Fit.

Dean Blunt (sorry, we mean 'Sean John') will perform at Benji B's Deviation at XOYO this Friday, alongside the likes of Dam Funk, Bok Bok, Kelela and more – get information and tickets here

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