Dean Blunt – Champagne Dance Scene

The Hype Williams guy teases part of an upcoming film project.


Words by: Anthony Walker

Quickly following on from his latest album 'The Redeemer', Hype Williams' Dean Blunt has revealed part of the soundtrack of what will presumably be a full-length film titled 'The Rhinestone Bezel', slated to be out in cinemas this winter (the group's Youtube account also recently shared a clip of an actor reading at a casting session, now deleted). Champagne Dance Scene opens with a heavy-lidded interpolation of Ramping Shop sung by Blunt himself before trailing off into five minutes of total silence and crashing back into a warped instrumental outro. Like much of the duo's work it exists in a net of cultural cross-references that is near impossible to unpick, and we're very interested to see the final outcome of the project.

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