Dean Blunt announces ‘The Redeemer’ for Hippos In Tanks

Baffling human being Dean Blunt has announced his first official solo LP for Hippos In Tanks.


Visual artist, Hype Williams member, play director and all-round baffler Dean Blunt has announced details of his first official solo LP, ‘The Redeemer’. Due for release on Hippos In Tanks and his own imprint World Music in May, ‘The Redeemer’ follows up his previous solo mixtape ‘The Narcissist II’.

According to the press release the 19-track album has a “more direct and heartfelt message” than Blunt’s past work, one that speaks about the delusions of modern romance. Most intriguingly, the album is said to have “a notable lifting of the veil of tape hiss and blurred signifiers that characterised Blunt’s previous work, both solo and with Inga Copeland as Hype Williams.”

You can colour us excited.

World Music/Hippos In Tanks will release ‘The Redeemer’ on May 1st, 2013.

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