Dave.I.D – The Takeover (Black Crackers’ Terminate Rework MC Version)

Black Cracker's hip-hop MC rework of Dave.I.D.'s industrial track.


London producer Dave.I.D. and Brooklyn hip-hop producer/ MC Black Cracker met when they played together at ‘Club Mother Fucker’ back in 2008. The former has put out his debut dark industrial, post-punk ‘Response’ LP via !K7 this year, while the latter, an one-time army brat and art school drop-out, has worked with Romy xx and Kreep. Black Cracker has provided a MC rework of Dave.I.D.‘s The Takeover. It is a booming and haunting track, which can be streamed below.

Dave.I.D ‘The Takeover’ Black Crackers’ Terminate rework MCversion(Radio) by OFFTHEUNCERTAINBUTTON

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