D Double E soundtracks the IKEA Christmas advert

Double brings the magic on the unusual link-up with the Scandi furniture giants...


Words by: Billy Ward

Scandinavian furniture giants IKEA have produced a strong contender for best Christmas advert of the year with their newly-released promotional ad.

Grime fans around the country will instantly recognise the distinctive voice that soundtracks the video, with a peculiar yet wonderful cameo from legendary MC D Double E.

The advertisement focuses on ‘home shaming’ and finds the grime veteran’s voice taking the form of an array of household ornaments who mock the homeowners in a series of amusing and catchy grime lyrics.

A rabbit-shaped tea pot initiates proceedings like any D Double grime set would: “Bi-di-bup-bup” – “I must confess / this place ain’t bless / this place is a mess,” he continues.

A petition has already been launched to release the tune in time for Christmas number one.

Watch the advert below:

Update (14/11/19): The full song (‘Fresh N Clean (Silence the Critics)’) has now been released as a full single.

Featuring plenty more quotables, such as: ‘What did you have a house party? Did you have a rave?’, you can listen to it here:

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