CYMBALS – Winter ’98

Melancholy indie disco from the art pop group's new album.


Art poppers and night bus riders CYMBALS are returning with a new album, 'The Age Of Fracture', and they've plonked its opening track Winter '98 up on Soundcloud for your listening pleasure.

According to its press release, 'The Age Of Fracture' takes its name from a book by Princeton academic Daniel T. Rodgers, which raises the theory that ideas became more fragmented towards the end of the 20th century and that there is no longer collective meaning in the world. You might think that sounds quite clever-clever – although maybe we're just thinking that because CYMBALS' singer is called Jack Cleverly, a joke we're sure he's never heard before – but Winter '98 is far from the straight-faced, humourless, and earnest number it could be, a melancholy, end-of-the-night indie disco song. Sit down, grab a hankie, and give it a listen on Dummy.

Tough Love Records will release 'The Age Of Fracture' on January 27th 2014. CYMBALS will play the Electrowerkz in London on February 4th 2014.

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