Cuushe – Daze (Palmistry remix)

A dreamy rework of the Tokyo artist by South London's Palmistry.


A highlight of Cuushe's 'Night Lines' EP was Daze, a really good and dreamy piece of electronic pop from the Japanese musician. So it makes sense that Palmistry should remix the song: despite hailing from South London rather than Tokyo, and despite occupying a very different musical territory to Cuushe, Palmistry could still happily be described as making really good and dreamy electronic pop. Palmistry's version doesn't bear heaps of resemblance to Cuushe's song, instead sharing ground with tracks like his own Protector SE5 and Lil Gem.

Cuushe 'Night Lines' EP tracklist:

01. Tie
02. Shadow
03. Daze
04. We Can't Stop

Cascine/flau released the 'Night Lines' EP on April 7th 2015 (buy).