Cassie – King Of Hearts (Kanye West remix)

Kanye adds Mr Fingers and 808s-style drums to Cassie's eventual banger.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Cassie Ventura, the singer who has made a career out of sailing perpendicular to the prevailing winds, returned last month with an absolute banger. Her self-titled debut album was subtle and withheld at a time of over-expression in R&B, and by activating a sensuality and creeping minimalism in the heart of the dancefloor and pop-charts succeeded in creating a template for underground electronic music in the last two years, if not a bankable second album.

Her return, King Of Hearts was welcomed by many, including us, because it managed to pull off the same trick as Me & U – take the over saturated sound of now (in KOH’s case, euphoric euroR&B) and making it wholly new, wholly well. Now, it’s not a song that needed a remix, but when Kanye called, her label picked up. The result is a combination of Mr Fingers and West’s 808s And Heartbreak muted drums, and it’s a nice job, all in all.

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