Cash+David – Bones (John Wizards remix)

South African pop genius turns Cash+David's new single into a loose party jam.


Cash+David are Tim "Cash" Ross and Liz "David" Lawrence. Lawrence, a former folk musician, met Ross while he was produced her solo debut with EMI, and after finding herself disinterested in the solemnity of folk down the line, she decided to hit up Ross to see if he's be up for working on the electronic loops and samples she'd been building up.

Cash+David, or Ross+Lawrence's latest single Bones has been getting all sorts of attention, not just from "the blogosphere" but also from BBC Radio 1, who playlisted the song for BBC Introducing. Bones is their third single, and all three of those singles are being collected on a new EP, fittingly called 'Triptych', which also comes with remixes by Daktyl, Peaking Lights, and South African pop genius John Wizards.

The original version of Bones is all soundscape heavy, with a frightfully earnest music video, but John Wizards isn't fussed about any of that and turns the whole thing into a loose, groovy party jam that barely resembles its source material.

Cash+David 'Triptych' EP tracklist:

01. Funn
02. Pulse
03. Bones
04. Funn (Daktyl remix)
05. Pulse (Peaking Lights remix)
06. Bones (John Wizards remix)

Cash+David release the 'Triptych' EP on March 16th 2015.

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