Butterclock – First Prom [EP stream]

Stream the lovely debut EP from the owner of the best band name right now, Butterclock.


Butterclock, who was recently introduced by oOoOO, has just released her debut EP ‘Prom Night’ and you can stream the whole thing below. It’s an apt title for the EP, because tracks like HOLOGRAMS have a vibe about them that seems to recall those classic teen films that usually climax in a prom scene. Elsewhere there’s the breakbeat-driven DONT and the faux-footwork of SORRYLOVE, but these too carry a certain melancholy about them. It’s quite rare that a musician can capture that feeling of teenage alienation without relying on nostalgia signifiers, but Butterclock gets it and gets it right.

F A N T A S Y Music released ‘First Prom’ on the 15th April 2013.

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