Bullion – Say Arr Ee

Musical magician gets on the mic for hypnotic new record on R&S.


Words by: Ruth Saxelby

Bullion never fails to surprise. Following ‘You Drive Me To Plastic’, his hyperactive, hyper-condensed album on Young Turks released in April last year, the London producer has dropped the sample-only thing, incorporated instruments and started singing, something he hinted at last time we spoke. Due on R&S on 30th January, Say Arr Ee is lush and lucid, with rich tone after rich tone falling like dominoes in elaborate, hypnotic patterns. It’s a deeply funky ride with vocals treated almost as percussion. The flip, What Does She Know, showcases Bullion’s voice further: a song song, and a bloody catchy one at that. Gold sounds for 2012.

Bullion – Say Arr Ee by bullionness


R&S will release Bullion Say Arr Ee / What Does She Know on 30th January 2011

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