Broadcast planning tribute album to Trish Keenan

Following the death of singer Trish Keenan almost a year ago, her partner James Cargill is considering releasing a "monument and tribute to her" made up of previously unheard material.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Another album may emerge by Birmingham band Broadcast. One half of the band, singer Trish Keenan, died almost a year ago, but The Guardian reports that her partner James Cargill is planning an album of unreleased Broadcast songs. It will be the first Broadcast album since 2005’s ‘Tender Buttons’.

Cargill is currently working on the soundtrack to Peter Strickland’s Berberian Sound Studio, but will begin working on the material again alongside designer Julian House, who Broadcast collaborated on an EP with in 2009. Cargill had the following to say about his return to Broadcast’s material:

“The next thing I release with Trish on it will be more like a monument and a tribute to her rather than this obsessive thing I used to have about making albums… Trish’s vocals are really great. They’re a bit more pastoral, almost a bit more like [2003 album] Haha Sound. I liked the lyrics she was writing. They fit the pastoral, folk thing. She’d taken a lot from Lewis Carroll and some of the nonsense verse she was into. I think it might be a bit more like the older Broadcast.”

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