Braxton/Palmer – Creeper, Pt. I

Hear the more club-focussed flip-side of the Olympian producer's latest single.


Words by: Aimee Cliff

A few weeks after the relatively unknown Washington producer who goes by the name Braxton/Palmer dropped the second part of his Creeper single, the darker, more club-focused first part has shown up online.

Built around an instantly recognisable Aaliyah sample, Creeper, Pt.1 marries those pitched-down vocals to a rough and ready 4/4 beat, creating a distinctly seedy after-hours vibe, in contrast to the lush piano-house tropes of Creeper, Pt. 2. Dedicated sample-spotters might also pick up on the horns from TLC’s Creep popping up sporadically, but despite the slightly played-out nature of 90s R&B at this point, Braxton/Palmer has crafted something decidedly unique here.

Ceremony released the Creeper single on the 14th May 2013.