Books get soundtracks to become a little bit more like TV

A company called "Booktrack" is making digital books with original scores to save you the hassle of multi-tasking the old-fashioned way.


Words by: Charlie Jones

For those who have always found reading too quiet an experience, a company called Booktrack have begun releasing digital books which come with in-built, originally composed nine-hour scores.

The music, which is offset with sound effects and other ambient noises, is paced to individual reading speeds, and designed to synchronise with the events of the book for an overall cinematic experience.

The venture was started by Mark Cameron, who noticed that many commuters listened to music on their earphones whilst reading, and decided to combine the two in one product for what he believed would be a more enhanced reading experience. There are currently five Booktrack books available for download on iPhone and iPod, and more titles will eventually be available for use with Android, computers and other e-book readers.

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