Black Midi’s DJ Dairy and DJ Greep remix Glows’s ‘Perla’


Dubbed the “best band in London”, Black Midi are one of the most-nattered-about acts of 2018. The noise rock four-piece, after a series of shows supporting Shame, have quickly risen to be an essential act to catch.

Glows (aka GG Skips) is the London-based producer who also runs promotions company Slow Dance. Having put on one of Black Midi’s first-ever shows, it made sense for two of the band’s members to remix his new tune.

DJ Greep (lead vocalist Geordie Greep) and DJ Dairy (Cameron Picton) have roughed up ‘Perla’, giving the Four Tet-esque cut a maximal, dizzying feel that builds and builds – take a listen below.

'Perla' is out now – stream it here.