Beyoncé – 1+1 [stream]

The-Dream-produced, silverscreen-sized love song that signals Beyonce's purple reign as the Queen of soul.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Beyoncé – 1 + 1 [stream, via YouTube]

The opening track from Beyoncé‘s new album ‘4’ surfaced through the murk earlier this week. Pitchfork pointed out the song’s millennial undercurrents, and Wonderful World and Purple Rain references, probably not-unconnected to the involvement of the Prince-obsessed The-Dream and classic soul-obsessed Tricky Stewart on the production.

If you’re a regular visitor to the site, those words should have sent you scurrying to the play button already, but in case you need reminding, – this is astounding, and as complete an example of the art of the love song as I can imagine. It’s as blatant a reference to two of the greats as you can imagine. But this isn’t pastiche so much as ascent – a few hours ago, you’d feel squeamish about putting Beyoncé and The-Dream in the hallowed company of Sam Cooke and Prince. But they aren’t, and after listening to this wretched, passionate, beautiful song, neither am I.

Sony will release Beyoncé‘s album ‘4’ on the 28th July 2011

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