Beastie Boys are writing a memoir

The history of the legendary hip-hop trio will be celebrated in a "kaleidoscopic, multi-dimensional experience".


Words by: Anthony Walker

Beastie Boys have signed a deal with Spiegel & Grau for an as yet untitled memoir, expected in 2015. After Adam Yauch’s (MCA) death last year, Adam Horowitz (Ad-Rock) and Michael Diamond (Mike D) have agreed to write the career-spanning document with the New York-based Random House imprint, who also published Jay-Z’s ‘Decoded’ in 2010. The idea of the book has been with the trio for a while, but plans were set aside because of Yauch’s increasing illness.

Described as a sprawling oral history featuring contributions from other writers, visuals and a patchwork of pop culture references rather than a straight narrative, the book has been compared to the group’s albums (the incredible ‘Paul’s Boutique’ closer B-Boy Bouillabaisse is below as an example) and their highly influential fanzine ‘Grand Royal’ by both their agent and publisher, and will be edited by ‘Ego Trip’ co-founder Sacha Jenkins.


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