Azealia Banks – Heavy Metal And Reflective

#broke with expensive taste - it might finally be happening.


Say what you want about Azealia Banks, but no one should have to waste six years of their life in limbo due to the whims of the music industry. Since asking – or "literally begging" – to be dropped from her Universal/Interscope recording contract at the beginning of the year, Azealia Banks was apparently recently freed from major label prison, allowing her to finally get on with putting out her eternally-delayed debut album 'Broke With Expensive Taste'.

Within two weeks she's shared new, Lil Internet-produced song Heavy Metal And Reflective which hints that the record is close – or at least a step closer – to a full release. Its Soundcloud upload does indeed come with the hashtag #broke with expensive taste and the song itself is out tomorrow through newly-minted Azealia Banks Records, suggesting that, finally, she might have some control over her own music. But then again, who knows what'll happen next?

Azealia Banks Records release Heavy Metal And Reflective on July 29th 2014.

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