araabMUZIK is a Hollywood motherf*cker

Trance-rap DJ crowned by quarterback in major TV advert.


Words by: Charlie Jones

“He Hollywood! He Hollywood and shit! He don’t fuck with small motherfuckers like me”, ASAP Rocky said about his friend araabMUZIK when the trance DJ dropped by after the legitimately huge Harlem rapper’s show at the Irving Plaza last month. He has also been taken to heart by New York’s bohemian underground (he spent New Year’s Eve playing with Laurel Halo and Balam Acab at the Brooklyn warehouse 245 Kent Ave), and much of his reputation has been built by his jaw-droppingly fast fingerwork on his MPC, effectively using it as a drummachine loaded with hundreds of samples.

Even by the vertiginous standards AraabMUZIK’s career has accelerated quickly. Producing the most enormous, tectonic trance/hip hop for New York group The Diplomats, he produced some of the most mind-bendingly huge sounding music in recent years – For an idea of what William The Conquerer would have listened to had he been born in the South Bronx in the early 90s, grab his mixtape Instrumental Kingz Volume 5 or Electronic Dream, released last year. Now, it seems that his ascent to the top of the pile, to the Hollwood that Rocky was joking about, seems to have reached another symbolic high, as the producer has hit up an advert for American Football star Cam Newton, showcasing his skills. 2013 Super Bowl bookers, get in there early, because one day, you may be too small to fuck with him.

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