Anneka – End Of It

Vocalist, songwriter, producer, and previous collaborator with the likes of Lone and Forest Swords shares an impressive, overwhelming acappella track.


Anneka is a vocalist, songwriter, producer, visual artist, and general multi-tasker who you might know for providing guest vocals on records by the likes of Lone, Forest Swords, and FaltyDL.

Her latest track is called The End Of It. A teaser of more to come from Anneka in 2015, The End Of It is less a song, more a patchwork of drawn breaths and vocal harmonies. It's also really impressive and, when listened to loud, quite overwhelming: inspired by recurring dreams of the apocalypse, you can imagine it as the soundtrack humankind's inevitable, spectacular, fiery demise.

You can nab a free download of the track over at Anneka's website.

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