“Hello, ANGO!”

Jacques Greene's go-to vocalist steps into the spotlight with debut EP of seductive R&B and digital funk.


Words by: Ruth Saxelby

Montreal producer and singer ANGO has until recently been know as the other guy in Jacques Greene’s two-man live set, and the owner of those mournful vocals on the upcoming Flatline (listen to a radio rip here). With his debut EP ‘Another City Now’ on LuckyMe due for vinyl release on 17th January, that is all set to change. Against a backdrop of digital funk that the Glasgow label has all but trademarked, ANGO sweetly bares his soul on a clutch of killer joints that include the irresistible R&B pop of Love Me. Check that and get to know the former choir boy a little better with the interview below.

ANGO – Love Me by DummyMag


Ango (Andrew Gordon Macpherson)



Current location?


Your sound?

Lonely funk and soul for Mediterranean sunsets. R&Beats. Melodic electronic music.

How do you record?

I improvise vocal melodies/lyric ideas. Interpret them into beats and melodies. Edit, edit, edit. Scrutinize. Write the remaining lyrics. Record, edit scrutinize. Deliver.

Previous experience?

Choir boy turned post punk bassist and beatmaker turned twenty-something post-graduate heartthrob (sic).


Sade. MJ. JJ. Prince. Aaliyah. More recently, The Dream. Prison Garde.

Last release?

‘Another City Now’ (LuckyMe, digital)

Next release?

‘Another City Now’ (LuckyMe, deluxe vinyl). Guest vocals on Jacques Greene’s ‘Concealer’ EP (Vase, vinyl).

Next playing?

No comment.

How did you first get into making music?

Familiar story. I hated music lessons but I had my dad’s record collection for inspiration. I begrugingly learned a bit of piano and guitar theory so I could write. Spent my high school years skipping class to buy records, play with a 4-track and rehearse with a band. Produced some hip hop records and DJ’d a bit. Eventually toured Canada with some post punk/indie rock bands as a bassist. Started doing “Ango” as a remix/production/live P.A. and slowly started incorporating vocals.

You’ve got a lovely voice on you. Dream duet?

Thanks! Sade is my ultimate vocal inspiration, but I don’t know if I could hold it down on a track with her… she’s got this supernatural thing. I’d love to do something with Kazu Makino…maybe on a track produced by Mike Slott.

What’s it like being part of the LuckyMe fam?

It’s sort of like being away at college and having this nest of love and support that you rarely see but is always an e-mail away. I’m happy to be part of the team. Everything coming out of the roster is undeniably and consistently great and inspiring.

And finally, any top Montreal tips for Dummy readers?

It’s winter. Stay away.

LuckyMe release ANGO’s ‘Another City Now’ EP on vinyl on 17th January 2012

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