Amateur Best – The Wave

The B-side of Primary 1's new project is as weird and lovely as one would hope.


Words by: Ruth Saxelby

I always had a soft spot for Primary 1’s mournful pop, so was sad to hear a year or so ago that producer/singer Joe Flory had killed off his alter-ego. But it turns out it was only to make way for his new project Amateur Best, which will take the form of both music and a comic (see pic) to tell the story of fictional character James Best: “a sometime London DJ, latent alcoholic and lifelong amateur” according to the press release. Keeping up? Good. The Wave is a bittersweet little pop ditty, meandering in and out of time like, well, waves, with the off-beats providing the perfect foil to the warm rush of the chorus. Welcome back, Joe.

Double Denim release Amateur Best’s debut 7” Be Happy/The Wave with an accompanying comic book on 13th February 2012

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