ADR – Stray Dog Strut

Gatekeeper's Aaron David Ross reappropriates muzak on this nightmarish cod reggae song.


Later this month, ADRAKA Aaron David Ross, AKA one half of Gatekeeper – will release his second solo LP, ‘Chunky Money’, for Hippos In Tanks. It’s a very Hippos In Tanks sort of record, too, promising to be a selection of re-appropriated lifestyle music – muzak gone through the grinder, essentially. Stray Dog Strut lives up to this promise. On its surface it resembles the sort of gentrified reggae-lite that appears as background music to workplace safety videos, but its so relentless in its innocuousness that it quickly becomes a paranoid k-hole of a listen.

Hippos In Tanks will release ‘Chunky Monkey’ on April 16th.

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