Actress will be playing our party on the 25th February at XOYO in London

The man who made Splazsh is our secret headliner, joining Becoming Real, Pariah, Lone and Snoretex, which means that you're coming.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Actress is one of the world’s most significant producers of electronic music, and we’re very pleased to say he’ll be DJing at our party on the 25th February, where he’ll join Becoming Real, Pariah, Lone and Snoretex at XOYO in Old Street, London.

Actress grew up in Wolverhampton but settled in South London. His music, which he started making around 15, is (even by the standards of London dance music) singular, drawing elements from garage, Chicago house, Detroit techno, dubstep, grime or whatever. All are apparent on his album ‘Splazsh’, one of last year’s most extraordinary releases.

But even though those aforementioned sound touchstones are clear, there’s still something incredibly individualistic about the final result. There’s a vitality pulsing through every thickly melded bassline, a crackling, metallic weight behind each sonic trick. It’s deep music, supremely drenched in his history, but also very much about the man who made it. Which makes a DJ set one of the most insightful ways of exploring his sound, learning something of where it’s all coming from.

Actress, Lone, Becoming Real, Pariah and Snoretex will play the Dummy party at XOYO on February 25th