Actress reveals details of new album ‘R.I.P’

London producer teases with Twitpics of album artwork and pre-master CDs.


Words by: Ruth Saxelby

Actress, one of the finest, most exciting minds in UK electronic music, is not one to bother with press releases. Instead he revealed the below album artwork, inspiration and snaps of the pre-master CD and tracklist for his new artist album ‘R.I.P’ on Twitter (peep them below). It follows his 2008 debut ‘Hazyville’ on his own Werk Discs label and 2010’s universally praised ‘Splazsh’ on Honest Jon’s. ‘R.I.P’ will also be issued on Honest Jon’s and is already listed in on their site. When ‘R.I.P’ arrive is still unclear but that we can’t wait is a given.

Actress ‘R.I.P’ album cover

Prototype album cover

‘R.I.P’ pre-masters showing tracklist

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