Actress drops a ton of new music

Download the visionary producer's Twitter-posted jams right away.


Words by: Ruth Saxelby

There’s never any second guessing Actress. Following an exquisitely heavy remix of Laurel Halo’s Constant Index that dropped out of nowhere on Monday, the London producer posted a Sendspace link to Paralell Worlds [sic] (download MP3 on the right) on his Twitter on Wednesday and followed it with an additional five tracks of static-charged, tonal experiments last night. Whether they’re hints to his upcoming releases on Honest Jon’s and his own label Werk Discs (as reported by Fact), off-cuts from old sessions or just something he’s playing with, it’s hard to gauge. Either way, our ears are grateful.

In other Actress-on-Twitter related news, if his feed is to be believed, he is off to the Congo. Which is interesting because on June 24th, XL Recordings’ top dog Richard Russell tweeted: “Along with @Rodaidh_M and others in search of the perfect beat: we are off to make an album in the Congo July 20”. We’re doing the maths.

Grab the full 6 tracks from Actress’s Twitter now

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