Ace Hotel x Moog Sound Lab // David Colohan

Third in the Moog Sound Lab series is founding member of tangled folk collective United Bible Studies and Raising Holy Sparks producer, David Colohan.


Words by: Natalie /

Who: David Colohan.


What he gets up to: Founder of Irish member shuffling experimental clique United Bible Studies and performing under his Raising Holy Sparks moniker.

A bit more background: David is best known as a founding member of the long running Irish experimental-band-come-scattershot-wandering-minstrels known collectively as United Bible Studies. Established in 2001, the group employs a set of core members but more often tilts towards being a sprawling entity open to incidental contributions, with the same line-up of musicians rarely appearing twice. This embodies the ethos of United Bible Studies as solace to many a lost soul seeking twisted and tangled folk tunes, both old and new.

David also rolls solo, creating a deep ambient magma flow and peyote trail-mix of his own mystery productions released under his Raising Holy Sparks moniker. A particular reference point being his epic Four Sacred Mountains, which is the no shackles soundtrack to a night watching desert stars around a roaring fire.

What to expect from his performance: Imagine that soundtrack to a night watching the desert stars, but imagine it deep in the depths of Miranda, with a handful of drugless trip inducing Dream Machines and David conducting a colossal stack of Moog synths. After four days living with the kit in an Ace Hotel bedroom; we’re expecting more soothing and stable melodies than grinding techno bleeps and squelches, but the spontaneous, routine-free attitude of David reflected in his output and the circles he moves in is sure to stray the performance away from the mundane and lacklustre.

Tune in and drop out to the ghostly echoes of David Colohan's Four Sacred Mountains and check out what else is coming this month in the Moog Sound Lab takeover of Ace Hotel here.

David Colohan performs his end piece for Ace Hotel x Moog Sound Lab on August 13th at Miranda (tickets).