A$AP Rocky’s LiveLove chopped and screwed

'LiveLove Purple' chopped by OG Ron C.


Words by: Charlie Jones

A$AP Rocky’s stated aim is to combine the slow, heavy charisma of Texas screw with the Harlem shine of his New York hometown. The sludgy, tactile rhythms of DJ Screw and his contemporary OG Ron C were created in the 90s out of the urge to make music suitable for the opiated state of codeine syrup. The fictions created across albums like 3 N Tha Mornin are a psychedelic marvel, and A$AP, one of the most hyped rappers of now, is exporting them to the world. OG Ron C, meanwhile, has been creating these incredible remixes of full albums under the title Chopped Not Slopped, with previous examples including ‘Take Care’ and ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’. Usually these come out within days, so it’s surprising that it took Ron so long to compose his of A$AP Rocky’s blinding ‘LiveLove A$AP’, but here it is, downloadable from livemixtapes.com.

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