Premiere: Watch R&B star-in-waiting JGrrey’s neon-lit video

The South Londoner drops a late-night visual


British newcomer JGrrey is in the business of crafting deep, smoky soul and ’60s jazz, laced with an arresting vocal that’s meant her COLORS session has put the South London artist on the world stage.

Latest single ‘All For You’ is the latest captivating work delivered in her unique style – and the accompanying video (which Dummy is premiering below) finds her deep in a neon-lit world of expensive booze, gambling and video gaming, fitting JGrrey’s late-night sonics perfectly.

JGrrey says the video takes influence from “my favourite New York gangster films – Scarface, Mean Streets, Goodfellas, The Sopranos. I wanted the aesthetic to feel like I could’ve been downtown New York in the 1980s with warm lights and smoky bars. The whole video was a lot of fun to film, and I love the outcome!”

Watch it now below.

‘All For You’ is out on streaming services now.

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