Premiere: Sylvere – Manumission


London label Sans Absence has been on the come up since their 2016 founding and they are pinpointing 2018 as a big year for Akito and the rest of the crew. Up next is Sylvere, associated equally with the underground Parisian club scene and the hybrid percussive styles of East London basements, who is readying the world for his new EP Green Ray and, today, we are premiering 'Manumission'.

The track, the first on the EP, begins on a balearic sunrise tip, with a ghostly, dimension-crossing melody giving way to a rude UK funky rinse-out, punctuating raw and direct dance floor weight with blissful moments of rave-outrospection. Its operatic and shelly at the time, no mean feat from the Sylvere.

Listen below and pre-order Green Ray here.

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