Premiere: Banditsu – Katana


A lyricist and advocator of the UK hip hop scene, Banditsu describes his output as “the golden era meets the new generation of punk-rap”, approaching his work as an amalgamation of old and new via various art forms. Joining forces with Toronto producer Ekho, Banditsu's new cut Katana introduces listeners to the rapper's innovative sound and idiosyncratic wordplay, where Banditsu explores (and pushes) the boundaries of trap, grime, and the nature of creativity itself.

Listen to Katana in the player above and have a peek through a window into Banditsu's mind below.

Hi Banditsu – are you sitting comfortably? What what were you doing before we caught you?

Banditsu: "Hey guys. Sometimes I'm comfortable and sometimes I'm not…but I believe great things can come out of discomfort! When you guys caught me I been tryna gather and plan for the next visual. I like to source ideas through watching things I'm fond of."

You blend trap and grime in an interesting way on this track. You're from London, but do you think the city has influenced you in this?

Banditsu: "Definitely. Although I'm not a grime artist, my sound stems from playground clashes, pirate radio sets and old skool instrumentals by the likes of Wiley, Musical Mobb and Nasty Crew –  who are all grime legends."

Something tells me you into anime. Attack On Titan vs. 3 x 3 Eyes?

Banditsu: "Hmmm. I'd have to say neither you know. I love anime but my favourite sub genre is shonen or anything with swords and ninjas. I'm currently catching up with Naruto and One Piece religiously. I like to space out my viewing time so I can binge on new episodes once and a while!"

If you could throw the party to end all parties who would be on the dj lineup?

Banditsu: "This is a difficult question. I happen to have a huge crush on Vashtie Kola so I'd have to say her! I happen to know she DJs quite a lot and since she's so beautiful that's like a two in one. It would definitely be my perfect end to a party!"

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