Le3 bLACK turns in the angular 2-step ‘Status’

The South East London rapper says the track is inspired by "fluorescent lights and colourful scenery"


South East London rapper Le3 bLACK follows up his drill-infused single ‘Cold Winter’ with ‘Status’, a shuffly UKG number that dips into leftfield territory.

We’ve been working with the Loraine James and Kish! collaborator via our DMY Artists, and ‘Status’ has been produced in conjunction with Aerside, the France-born musician inspired by envelope-pushing electronic artists like Lapalux, James Blake and Oneohtrix Point Never.

Speaking about ‘Status’, Le3 bLACK said: “It resembles the current feeling that I am in, having been interested by fluorescent lights and colourful scenery I wanted something that would grab any listener by the ear and pull them in”’

The track, as well as ‘Cold Winter’, is part of a forthcoming EP that will draw further from Le3 bLACK’s vast array of influences.

Listen to ‘Status’ below or via your preferred player here.

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