JME – The Very Best


Last month, JME met a fan who reached out to him on Twitter to trade him an elusive Charizard shiny in exchange for a copy of 'Integrity>' on vinyl.

With the Pokémon card now in the bag, JME has shared a new track titled The Very Best – an ode to his quest for his Holy Grail that seperates him from the rest of the pack (no pun intended). Sampling the game's theme tune, JME spits bars inbetween a refrain of "the very best." completing every declaration. Unlike Ash Ketchum, JME's only after rarities – mark his words when he says "if you take offence that's your business."

The London-based rapper uploaded the new video online last night (09/03) after being stuck in traffic, as a statement of him showing "you all that I ain't always trying to myself and appreciate the life that I have, and my time on this planet…I'm going to show you all to never doubt me bruv. I'm the deepest. The best."

Watch the video for The Very Best above.