Good Posture’s ‘Italy’ receives a warping electronic remix from 1-800 GIRLS

"It just took us about 4 years to find the right time to get it done, but it was definitely worth the wait!"

09.09.22, Words by: Billy Ward

Following the release of his debut EP ‘Changin’ back in 2021, UK born, Leipzig based multi-instrumentalist Joel Randles is injecting new life into his Good Posture project with a 1800-GIRLS remix of his viral internet hit ‘Italy’.

The collaboration came about after both artists were booked to play a music festival in Malta 4 years ago. The pair ended up being given the same hotel room because they were both British and went on to explore the island together, dreaming up the idea of the remix back then.

In contrast to Good Posture’s brand of reverb-tinged indie, 1800-GIRLS – real name Jake Stewart – is one of the UK’s hottest underground electronic artists and producers right now. Locating the pleasure centres of UK ravers with his intelligent dance music, the ‘Italy’ remix receives a skippy, warping makeover, transforming one of last year’s best underground indie anthems into the perfect dance floor track to wave off summer.

“Me and Jake were both booked to play this music festival in Malta called BEWYLD back in 2018. But after we both arrived some time in the middle of the night (the day before we were both scheduled to play), our room was on top of some night club called Havana,” says Joel.

“After checking out the closing time of the club to see when we could eventually sleep, we stumbled upon the insane reviews on google about the place, on literally how bad this place was, go check them out (the easter egg is if you can find mine) and never go to this club! We ended up going out to explore a bit and basically bonding over these crazy shot offers they had in all the bars, it was like 50 shots for 10 euros, or something ridiculous like that.

“We then ended up staying in Malta for a few days after the festival, exploring the island. I think the idea of a remix was even thought of back then, as Jake had already heard my song ‘Italy’ back in London before we met, it just took us about 4 years to find the right time to get it done, but it was definitely worth the wait!”

Stream ‘Italy’ (1-800 Girls remix) below:

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