FLying Lotus ft Earl Sweatshirt & Captain Murphy – Between Friends

24.07.12, Words by: Charlie Jones

So, Flying Lotus has made a track with Earl Sweatshirt and (possibly) Tyler, The Creator.

Let’s make a list of things these “Two odd crews with strange leaders.” have in common:

  • All are from LA.
  • All probably like smoking cannabis.
  • Two have auspicious talents in their close family – Earl’s father is an acclaimed South African poet, while FlyLo’s aunt is Alice Coltrane.
  • Adult Swim, who are behind this collab, have been involved with both Brainfeeder and Odd Future – OF made a TV show called Loiter Squad, while FlyLo has previous released songs through the US network.
  • They run counter to the current rap establishment – with Tyler taunting 40-year-old rappers who floss but don’t play child support, and FlyLo writing ‘Oh rap… You used to be such a beautiful bitch, now look at you… Look at you!,’ and, perhaps as a result, have increasingly been exploring the spacey lushnesses of psychedelic soul.

The song is out now through Adult Swim, and Flying Lotus also just released an instrumental version.

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