Cassie – The Cassie Trilogy


It’s starting to look like Cassie’s career has reached a point where widespread commercial success may have eluded her – but in certain circles, she’s nothing short of a superstar. After Me & U blew up in 2006, endless artists, producers and commentators have continually poured out their love for Cassie – including this love letter Tom Lea wrote to her for Dummy last year.

Now one fan has taken their adoration to the next level, drawing on The Weeknd’s recent ‘Trilogy’ triple LP to similarly curate Cassie’s discography. The three mixtapes – ‘Velvet Night’, ‘Dope ‘n’ Diamonds’ and ‘Supermodel’ – are loosely divided on genre lines, and testament to the ease with which Cassie morphs between spaced-out r’n‘b, dirty club-ready electro and sugary, shiny pop. Despite the quality of the recent material on here, it still looks like the singer’s slated second album has disappeared into the ether, and her ‘Rock-A-Bye-Baby’ mixtape has yet to surface. In the mean time, this trilogy offers over three hours of lovingly gathered material which, in the words of its maker, “serve to remind the public of Cassie’s critically acclaimed work until she’s back on the charts, reclaiming her rightful place as Queen of pop music”.

Download them over on the The Cassie Collective tumblr page.

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