Boddika & Joy Orbison – &Fate


Whilst it might seem heretical to admit this, I was never sold on Joy O and Boddika’s collaborations. The two have, individually, been behind some of the best club tracks in recent years, and their collaborations always seem to land with a sense of occasion, but there was something about their tracks together – Swims aside, of course – that left me feeling a little cold.

Thankfully, their newest effort, taken from the forthcoming Nonplus compilation ‘Think And Change’, has reminded me as to why the team-up was initially such an exciting prospect. While many tracks are designed around simplistic repetition, the centrepiece of &Fate is a bassline that seems as if it’s maintaining a constant forward momentum, building up with every second of the track’s running time that passes. It just seems to keep going and going, without ever sounding forced, and it works so effectively because of it.

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