Premiere: Charli XCX – Nuclear Seasons (Balam Acab remix)

09.12.11, Words by: Charlie Jones

Charli XCX is a 19-year old synth-pop singer whose music balances pop vocals and sensibility with brooding goth undertones. Her newest single, Nuclear Seasons, has now been remixed by Balam Acab, a Pennysylvanian witch-house producer whose newer releases have shown his ability to transcend the limits – and cliches- of the genre. His rework of the songs transforms Charli’s infectious pop song into a delicate, dreamy, and frankly beautiful bit of music which soars where the original drives.

Hear it for yourself below, and download it from Charlie XCX’s Facebook page.

NuclearSeasons(Balam Acab Remix) by DummyMag