Premiere: Albert Swarm – Moths and Moth Catchers (Gobby remix)


Emerging Harlem-based producer Gobby has been already recognised across this site (and others, of course) for making some of the wildest music in New York. His sound has previously been describe as ‘bubblegum techno.’

Here he has transformed the chilled sounds of the original single by Helsinki-based Albert Swarm into something much more industrial. Increasing the tempo and whole feel of the song, Gobby has worked wonderfully, while still maintaining an otherworldly feel. The loaded bass of this song is counterbalanced by delicate chimes for the first half but as the track goes on, the pace gets faster and the beats get heavier, making for a magnificently theatrical track.

You can here the original song in all it’s beauty here.. Albert Swarm’s album ‘Wake’ is set for release on September the 4th via Ceremony Recordings.

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