Dummy Mix 521 // Violet

“It’s probably my sunniest, housiest mix ever”


Inês C has been making an indelible stamp on Lisbon’s dance scene for some time - wearing multiple hats of DJ, producer, label owner and resident, she’s something of a polymath.

Making banging tunes and DJing as Violet, she simultaneously co-runs queer rave mina which takes place in unexpected locations, and co-founded the online station Rádio Quântica (with Photonz). She's just contributed a new track to Moxie's fourth compilation in her 'Moxie Presents' series, and has also just started her own label - Naive.

Of the mix, Violet says: “I built this mix around my new track ‘Antifa Beats’ and a few new beautiful tracks friends sent me (plus an unreleased Naive tune as bonus) - it’s probably my sunniest, housiest mix ever, still quite a few sonic twists and dubby atmospheres kinda bring it back to a moodier realm that normally also present on my sets.”

Warm, heady and break-infused, Violet’s Dummy mix is a joyful hour of punchy dancefloor goodness. Inject this into our veins pronto.


Listen to the mix on Soundcloud.

Moxie's 'Moxie Presents Volume Four' compilation this Autumn.

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