Texas Club Music Vol. 1


In their noble quest to celebrate music that's making people dance like nutters over the pond, Southern Hospitality have teamed with the Tha Fixx for a 'Texas Club Music' mix. For a state so openly venerated and referenced in rap there's little focus on what Texan artists are actually making right now and this mix highlights the vibrant club-centric side of a large regional scene. Dominated by Beat King, the self-proclaimed "inventor of gangsta and stripper music", it features a wealth of local talent alongside better-known acts like Yung Nation, Dorrough Music and a 2010 track called Pop That Pussy by Brook Gang Music – a clear template for French Montana's 2012 hit Pop That that shows the considerable, though uncredited, influence Texan rap music still wields. As well as the stream on the left, the mix is free to download here

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