First Dispatch \ Lightworks mix


Our final audiocolumnists are Lightworks, new label and night from Jon Rust and Robin Pasricha, a pair of guys steeped in London club music. Their first parties were some of the best of last year, and we asked them to let us into their world every month. Over to you Jon…

After many years of knowing, living with and driving each other mad we finally decided last summer that we’d cut the chat and actually start a project together.

We both have a background in the bassier end of things, myself as an early FWD>> attendee, then working with Tempa / Rinse.FM and Robin running Dirty Canvas / No Hats No Hoods for the past couple of years, however we’ve never just been into “the next big thing”.

For us, everything we do stems from a love of music and wanting to share that, whether it’s label work, promoting parties or just hearing something mind bending and pushing it in the direction of a friend.

We hope Lightworks will achieve that – and in 2011 the label will find its place in your hearts.

In our monthly Dispatch we’ll be giving a round up of places we’re been and what we’ve been up to, throwing a spot light on artists we have forthcoming on the label with live mixes from our nights and of course some cuts from the milkcrates.

This month’s Mix? Very little ceremony here: it’s just what Robin & I drew for late one Sunday. Still, it’s fairly representative of what we would play out… houses of various description, some disco, some tech, a few odds and of course nice basslines.

Keep your eyes on http://lightworksrecordings.tumblr.com/ for updates…


Codek – Tim Toum
Pepe Braddock – Intriguing Feathered Creature
LCD Sound System – 45:33 (Theo Parrish Space Cadet Remix)
Mendo – Madrugada
Throbbing Gristle – Hot On The Heels Of Love
DJ Jus Ed – I’m Coming (Levon Vincent Remix)
Rodney Baker ft. House Girl – Mystic
Bakey Ustl – A Tender Places
Claro Intellecto – New Life
Shake Shakir – Mood Swing
M.I.A. – It Take A Muscle (Pearson Sound Rmx)
Addisson Groove – Sexual Remix
Shawty – Teeth
Quest – Smooth Skin

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