Dummy Mix 236 // Kim Ann Foxman


Kim Ann Foxman – former member of Hercules & Love Affair, now one of the most respected underground DJs out there – is behind our latest mix, celebrating the launch of new label Firehouse Records, a joint venture between Foxman and London music and arts label The Vinyl Factory.

With a childhood surrounded by Latin freestyle and obsessed with body-moving pop jams by groups like Snap!, Technotronic, and Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam, Foxman was always inspired by dance music made by minority groups which placed an emphasis on electronic rhythms. Naturally, she ended up in New York in her 20s, where she started DJing, inspired by early techno producers and whatever was going on in the city's house music underground.

Firehouse Records is inspired by Foxman's current residence and studio in the city (an old firehouse in Brooklyn, natch) and is an outlet for music made by freaks and outsiders. Foxman calls it a place for things that are "super-dynamic, gorgeous, and weird" – so no sexless shallow house and no thinking man's techno, just 100% body music.

Following the release of Firehouse's first single, a two-track release from Kim herself, we hit up Kim for a mix. Read below for a quick Q&A talking about the mix, her plans for Firehouse, and whatever happened to her solo album.

Hey, Kim! What was the last great meal you ate?

Kim Ann Foxman: "We had a dinner party last night at my house with a bunch of friends, and we had braised Korean chicken with rice that was cooked by my friend Vivian. It was so delicious! And we had pumpkin pie with ice cream for desert. Yum!"

How was this mix recorded?

Kim Ann Foxman: "I recorded in my studio in Brooklyn. I used both vinyl and digital, and recorded into a computer."

You've just started up your own label, Firehouse. What was the motivation behind setting it up? What should we expect?

Kim Ann Foxman: "You can expect some music that is dynamic, non-linear, and vibey; music that isn't afraid to have personality.I'll be releasing my own jams and projects, as well music that I love from other artists as well."

You've been bigging up a solo album for a while now. How's that moving?

Kim Ann Foxman: "I've actually decided to work on an album project with a band, under another name. We are very far along with the project, and you will get to hear it soon! I'm excited about it."

I noticed that you're playing the closing party for Trouw in December. What are your fondest memories of that club?

Kim Ann Foxman: "It's a shame that Trouw is closing, it's such a great club. I've always felt so comfortable playing there, and the dinner at the venue is amazing too! The last time I played there, I played in the basement – it was really dark and the crowd was perfect. I was able to take my set to a cool place, and bust out some gems on wax 'cos the vibe was on. That's always nice! The closing party is gonna be epic and really special, I think."

I was looking for some info on your latest release and found a link to your official biography, which opens with this amazing quote: "I sometimes get worried that there are no longer enough freaks in the world." Who's the coolest freak you've met recently?

Kim Ann Foxman: "My wife. Haha!"

Firehouse Records released 'FIREHOUSE001' on November 24th 2014 (buy).

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