Dummy Mix 231 // Jackie Dagger & Feloneezy


The second Dummy Mix of the week comes from two of the producers appearing on the ‘Next Life’ compilation: a coming together between the unified Hyperdub and Teklife camps to honour the life and legacy of the late DJ Rashad.

Jackie Dagger and Feloneezy may be names still on the rise, but their links with footwork actually goes back several years, around the time that the first ‘Bangs and Works’ volume started to make noise. After DJ Rashad and DJ Spinn played Belgrade, the sheer passion that the two Serbian DJs displayed for this Chicago sound led to Rashad officially welcoming them into the Teklife fold. Back in May, at the first MAD in Belgrade festival, Dummy experienced this passion firsthand. With the untimely passing of Rashad still close in the mind, Jackie Dagger and Feloneezy were in tow as DJ Spinn and Taso led the charge of a full throttle, emotional Teklife set. Also joined by their Berlin-based, Drake-loving buddy DJ Paypal, the three collaborated on a track, which on a first listen off of Feloneezy’s laptop sounded as sugar-high a footwork piece as you're likely to hear. Titled U Should No, it was later picked as the closing track for the ‘Next Life' collection.

For their mix, the pair have given us taste of what we might expect from a Mystic Stylez night, the Belgrade club night and art collective of which Jackie Dagger and Feloneezy are leading lights (this weekend they bring Lisbon’s DJ Marfox to the Serbian capital). Kicking off with a five track mash-up from Feloneezy (including Lil B and the Titanic theme), through a variety bass-minded sounds and styles, out into a 160bpm Teklife-heavy close, the mix eschews the open-mindedness clearly underpinning the Mystic Stylez ethos. Read more about the Belgrade scene in a Q&A and cop a look at the 34-strong tracklist below.

Hey guys, where are you and what’s going on right now?

Feloneezy: "I'm in Vienna at my friends crib, got here a few days ago from Amsterdam where we played for Wavefiles crew at ADE. Leaving for Graz on friday to play Hyperdub 10 at Elevate. Boris is on his way here…"

Could you tell us a bit about the vibe you were going for with this mix?

Jackie Dagger: "We tried to showcase a bit of what you would get if you dropped by at our Mystic Stylez clubnight in Belgrade, we usually go all sorts of places and bang out grime, funky, and house, but it's only 60 minutes so this is what we came up with it."

For Dummy readers not in the know, who and what is Mystic Stylez all about?

Feloneezy: "Mystic Stylez is a nine-strong art collective based in Belgrade – mostly DJs and musicians, but all of us have interests in different fields, from applied arts, to design, to coding and motion graphics. We are trying to saturate the local scene with new and exciting stuff or anything that we believe is relevant but not given the right attention or context. Check out Stefan [Unkovic's] artwork to get the idea what we're about."

What other Belgrade DJs/producers need to be heard right now?

Feloneezy: "The Belgrade scene is really vibrant. We've recently started throwing parties with a crew called Beyond House; the name speaks for itself style-wise, obviously. Our friend Jan Nemecek is producing great music, so is Nenad Markovic who recently had an LP out for a label run by Prins Thomas."

Jackie Dagger: "The other bass gang in the city is called All That Bass…"

Feloneezy: "Also, if you are into kraut, disco, or beat driven exotica you should check out Disco Not Disco."

Jackie Dagger: "There's two spots you should be checking, a boat called 20/44 and a recently reopened place called Drugstore, that one is big and pretty sick. There's more, but these are the hotspots atm."

How did it feel when you got the news U Should Kno had made it onto the ‘Next Life’ compilation?

Jackie Dagger: "We are very happy to be a part of it. It's a fundraiser for DJ Rashad's son and a celebration of Rashad's life. He was a completely unique person who made a big impact on our lives."

You’ve both been playing with a bunch of the Hyperdub guys in the last few months. Could you name a few Hyperdub records that are special to you?

Jackie Dagger: "Hyperdub is always on point."

Feloneezy: "I love J Kamata and Joker split record, Ossie's Set The Tone, Laurel Halo's Sunlight On The Faded, Burial records, obviously Rashad… I got every record that came out through Hyperdub, really."

What’s next for Jackie Dagger & Feloneezy?

Feloneezy: "Go home, make some new music, play more shows, throw parties in Belgrade…"


01. Feloneezy Linda Perhacs Talking To Lil B On Titanic While Machinedrum is Dj-ing
02. Billy Cobham To The Women In My Life
03. Rihvisionist Try Skin
04. Zomby White Smoke
05. Celestial Trax Verticals
06. Yung Gud U Want Me
07. Gila Monsta Garbage Disposal
08. Thinker Untitled
09. Drippin Waterfall
10. M.E.S.H Imperial Sewers
11. Sami Baha Chunk g o d m o d e Edition
12. Lotic Crazy 4 Val Venis
13. Moslem Priest and Mysteriz Skeletal Banshee (S_Co.'s Demon Soul Mix)
14. Kid Antoine Night Vision
15. Victoria Kim Apgu Freeway
16. Addison Groove Dat Ass
17. Scratcha DVA PERXOFLYF
18. Lazy Flow Katastrofa (Martelo Remix)
19. Kode 9 Xingfu Lu
20. Rashad & Taso Gimme Some Mo (VIP)
21. Taye Teklife Run This Bitch
22. Earl Walk Through
23. Earl, Taye & Manny Slickshoota VIP Da Real Indian Shit
24. Earl Miles (feat. Taye)
25. Addison Groove U Been Gone (feat. DJ Rashad)
26. Earl Right Here
27. Rashad, Spinn & Taso It's True
28. Taso Drop That Thang
29. Earl Higher Frequency
30. Heavee Off That Loud
31. Rashad, Spinn, Taso & Manny OTS
32. Earl Off Molly
33. Rashad, Spinn, Taso AM Track
34. Earl Third Eye (VIP)

Teklife/Hyperdub release 'Next Life' on November 11th (pre-order).

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