The 10 best disco tracks, according to Mark E

Mark E is flying the disco-house flag for the Black Country, so here is his selection of disco tracks strictly for the heads.

The 10 best disco tracks, according to Mark E, including Change, S.L.Y. and Larry Levan.

Inspired by the hedonistic playground of house music's beginnings, Mark E is a certified disco-house don. Not to be confused with The Fall's ranting frontman Mark E Smith - Mark E is originally from Wolverhampton and flies the flag for disco in the Black Country, starting out his career by making a unique blend of mellow edits. Just one listen of his satisfyingly solid edit of Janet Jackson's RnB Drunkie and you'll hooked right in by his party-primed sounds, wriggling around a bit before being thrown back in for more. After ticking 'become a sure-fire master of the edits game' off his to-do list, Mark E took it up a level and got stuck into original productions, setting up his own label MERC along the way. If you like your dance music cosmic and breath-y, wrap your ears around Call Me, then thank us in the morning.

Ahead of his hometown set at Rainbow alongside Bicep in the intimate 300-capacity venue Blackbox on Saturday October 3rd; Mark shares a 10 best selection of his favourite disco tracks especially for the 'heads', including floor-fillers from Change, S.L.Y. and of course, an essential appearance from Larry Levan.

01. Sanctuary I Am Going To Love Him (Instrumental)

Mark E: "Perhaps one of my most treasured vinyl possessions - first heard on the Sonic Sunset Mr. Peebody mix - then became a Jigsaw anthem. Goosebumps."

02. Wood, Brass & Steel Funkanova

Mark E: "Sublime uplifting funk, they dont make them like this anymore. I remember my friend and I hearing this on a Paradise Garage tape and being blown away by it. After much searching, we finally discovered it nestled away on a Francoise K compilation I already had. Oh, how we laughed. :("

03. Change Hold Tight

Mark E: "This is a Jigsaw music Birmingham staple. This night forged my love for boogie and disco, their residents certainly knew their music. Big ups Dave, Woody & Rich!"

04. Rochelle Fleming I Know Just What You're After

Mark E: "Again, the Mr. Peebody SS mix brining this to my attention, '80s boogie disco action of the highest calibre. It was used recently in some vogue related edit."

05. S.L.Y. I Need A Freak (Black Freak Mix)

Mark E: "Edging into early house territory with this one, S.L.Y., probably the greatest record ever made in my opinion. The first time I ever got into a night club this was played by John Kelly at Picassos, circa 1992."

06. The Rolling Stones Miss You (Special Disco Version)

Mark E: "Rolling Stones doing disco, so sleazy, so right!"

07. GQ Lies

Mark E: "Theo Parrish's Ugly edit brought me here. No words, so emotional."

08. Norman Connors Once I've Been There

Mark E: "Anthemic Disco, used to play this one a lot and I think its time I dug it out again."

09. Kleeer Keep Your Body Workin'

Mark E: "I love the way that within 10 seconds you're straight into the long intro...just into it with a bang! A rough and surging peak time banger - love this."

10. Skyy First Time Around (Larry Levan Remix)

Mark E: "I couldn't possibly complete this list without something involving Larry Levan. I still play this, it's always in the bag."

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